The Pictae

(Pictae was the name used by the Roman Navy for a small boat used to chase English Channel pirates and also for a native British craft, meaning "painted" the term was also applied to the Pictish people.)

The group for early Bronze Age Living History
We have appeared at Stonhenge and Durrington Walls with the Stomhenge Riverside Project and at significant archaeological sites in England.
Your visitors and students can learn about:
Getting and preserving food and the necessities of life four and a half thousand years ago
Woodworking with authentic flint, copper and bronze tools
We give them a taste of of what it was LIKE then and we'll even get them working as they did, grinding grain and making string from nettles. They'll be tired, dirty and have a wonderful time.


A Re-enactment group that we hope to form based on authentic replica boats. mainly for the fun of it but available for events of any period.
If you have the water we'll find something to float on it.

 Why? Living and Paddling in the Past?

When you launch yourself in a boat like a coracle you are experiencing exactly what everybody throughout history has felt as they feel for balance and the nerve to sit. In other words, you are living history itself. This oneness with the past can be felt when horse-riding or shooting an arrow from a bow.

Pictae gets afloat in history and lives history on water and on land.

 The Fleet

  • The coracle as they can claim to be the oldest and longest lasting boat extant.
  • The currach, bigger and more seaworthy, and still in use in Ireland.
  • Dugout logboats.
  • Reconstructions of sewn plank boats.

 It is Living History

Imagine yourself in a settlement or wild camp by a river or in a secluded cove on the coast. We are the Pictae and we are a group of semi-outlaws from different tribes living by the water, fishing, trading and raiding. We might take part in a large-scale campaign if the spirit moves us.

Eating together round the fire. We have no lords amongst us although some might be counted as princes in our own lands.

Singing the songs and telling the tales of our lands and lives before we took to the life of the sea.

Getting out on the water and living it as it was.

 Experimental Archaeology Projects with AGE OF BRONZE

Reconstructions of prehistoric boats.

Building and trialling how small grain boats could have navigated small streams and did the Romans really collect their tribute like this?

What could a raiding party in a small boat really steal and do?
How to build a prehistoric home in the woods

One of the most effective tools and weapons was the bow. We can shoot.
To learn more, ask us
Dark age boat hull

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